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We are a professional manufacturer of small drive motors, mini vibration motors, carbon brush motors, brushless motors and linear resonant actuators, stepper motors, haptic vibration motor, erm motors, dc brush motor, dc gear motor custom, dc gear motor 12v, low noise motor.

The vibrator motor we provide is a miniature motor commonly used in mobile phones, pagers, electric toothbrushes and wearable smart devices. The main functions are vibration alarm notification and haptic feedback. Considering that when in the event of an emergency, the host is alerted by vibration alerting to ensure safety. Another situation is to replace the physical buttons, simulate the real touch sense, and let the customer get simulated real touch feedback. A more advanced application is the LRA – linear motor used in smartphones, which evolved from a circular shape to the current square shape in mainstream mobile phones.

The vibration motor was first invented in the 1960s for massage products. At that time, due to the small amount of use of the vibration motor, no large-scale industrial production was formed. Until the 1980s, with the rise of the pager and mobile phone industry, the revolutionary development of the vibration motor was objectively driven, and the functions became diverse, ERM types, LRA types, enriching the various needs of tactile feedback.

NFP specializes in the design, development and production of vibration motors. We have an experienced and dynamic young R&D team that can meet complex customer needs and respond to market changes timely. Our micro dc motors cover almost all types of miniature vibrating motors on the market. You can browse our dc brush motors in the following products list. If you can’t find the vibrating motor you need, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you within 8 hours.

DC Gearbox Motor – Custom Gear Motor Manufacturers

The DC geared motor consists of a DC motor and a gearbox with a certain reduction ratio. DC Gear Motor is the core component of most electrical components, electronics and robotics applications. Applications can be seen everywhere in our life.

Need-For-Power Motor has been designing and developing this high-quality miniature motors and gears in an easy-to-install package for a wide range of products and equipment. Our miniature dc gear motor operates smoothly, reliably and efficiently to support these electrical and electronic applications. Thanks to the reduction gear train of the miniature dc gearmotor, higher torque can be supplied at a relatively low speed. Need-For-Power Motor DC motor simplifies the design and construction of industrial equipment, actuators, medical tools and robotics, while also reducing their cost.

Planetary geared motors from Need-For-Power Motor are suitable for many future and existing applications. The main features of these custom gear motors are small sizes and high torque. Their linear performance makes them suitable for many applications where control performance is required. For automotive, medical or residential applications, NFP’s DC gearmotors not only provide the speed and high torque required for a wide range of applications. The functions of Need-For-Power Motor DC geared motors seem simple, however, they are very complex and sophisticated equipment, and some components are packaged in the enclosure to prevent exposure to moisture and dust.

Why Choose DC Micro Motor From NFP?

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