Reliable Miniature Motors Used In Wireless Haptic Vest For VR gaming


Bhaptics TactSuit– Enjoy fully immersive VR experiences with more than 100 VR titles, bring VR to Life with TactSuit. Unique audio-to haptic technology converts sound output into haptic feedback into real time. to feel everything from a single beat to heart-throbbing explosions.

16 feedback points with vibration motors model NFP-SP6C-0610– Breathable, light-weight haptic vest with 16 individually controllable feedback points takes your gaming to the next level. Heavy on Haptics.NFP-SP6C-0610-3-miniature-vibration-motors-for-wearable-devices

Customizable Vibrating Motors For LOT Applications


16 vibro-tactile motors in this sleek suit send seamless haptic feedback customized to your VR games.

Experience a new level of immersion with our adaptable electrical vibration motors, specifically designed for the gaming industry. Tailored to deliver precise and varying haptic feedback, these vibrating motors enhance every in-game interaction, whether it’s the subtle flutter of an in-game breeze or the intense shock from a virtual explosion.

Meticulously engineered to ensure longevity and consistent performance, our vibrators are perfect for gamers seeking a more tangible and responsive gameplay experience. Compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms and devices, they are the ultimate solution for elevating your virtual adventures. Dive into the game like never before and feel every moment with unparalleled intensity.



Small Vibration Motors With Variable Speed Control

⚡️Experience unparalleled precision in games like Hyper Dash and Pavlov using the TactSuit X16. Its compact design ensures unhindered mobility.

⚡️Delve into games like STRIDE and Zenith: The Last City with ease, experiencing rapid reactions. Enjoy the advantages of tactile feedback without the added weight.

⚡️With a single charge offering 12 hours of immersive gameplay, dive deeper into captivating realms like Real VR Fishing and The Twilight Zone.



High-Performance Micro Vibration Motors

✔️Dive into an unmatched tactile experience with our high-power dc vibration motors. Engineered for optimal haptic feedback, these miniature vibration motors are the pinnacle of precision and responsiveness. Whether it’s for wearable devices, game controllers, or other interactive gadgets, our motors ensure users feel every nuance.

✔️Crafted with state-of-the-art technology, they deliver consistent vibrations, ensuring reliable feedback every time. Their compact design ensures seamless integration without compromising power. Elevate your product’s user experience, offering real-time touch sensations that truly resonate.



Tiny Vibration Motors For Gaming Devices

Vibrating Mini Motor Are Typically Used In Handheld Gaming Devices Or Accessories To Provide Haptic Feedback.

➤➤Handheld Gaming Consoles: Devices like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and older devices like the Game Boy Advance have used tiny motors to provide vibration feedback to players.

➤➤Mobile Gaming: Many mobile phones contain small vibration motors which can be utilized by games to provide haptic feedback. For instance, racing games might use vibrations to simulate the feel of a car on a rough track.

➤➤VR Controllers: Virtual reality controllers, such as those for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR, use haptic feedback vibration motors to give users a sense of touch or presence in virtual environments.

➤➤Wearable Gaming Devices: There are wearable devices like vests, gloves, or wristbands designed to enhance the gaming experience. These often use small motors to provide tactile feedback based on in-game events.

➤➤PC Gaming Accessories: Some gaming mice or keyboards might have integrated vibration features to provide feedback during certain PC games.

Motor Model NFP-SP6C-0610
Rated voltage 3.0V DC
Load speed 11,000rpm
Load current ≤150mA
Amplitude 1.8G


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