Planetary Gear Motors

12V DC gear motors are more durable than other types of motors. This means that they will last longer and will not need to be replaced as often. In addition 12V DC gear motors are more powerful than other types of motors. This means that they can provide more torque, which can be useful for applications that require high levels of power.

How we process shipment? For samples and small quantities, we will ship by DHL door to door, because it is reliable in a fast way. You can also provide your DHL/Fedex/TNT account for shipping too. We can arrange shipment by sea or air for mass production.

  • 15 Years of Experience in Motors.
  • MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 1+ pc.
  • Factory Quality, On Time, Sourcing Manufacturer, To Spec.
  • 100% Tested Before Shipping By Our Professional Qc Team.
  • Fast Delivery By DHL/ FedEx/ UPS/TNT, Global Shipping, Air Express.
  • Delivery Time Of Sample is 3-7 Days. Mass Production Delivery Time Is 2 – 3 Weeks.


16 Kinds Of 3V – 24V Micro DC Gear Motor List

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