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Sentrilock door lock include many structural components, among which is the planetary motor NFP-609-5.14-0675, which is relatively small in size and high in precision, and can generate a large force in a small space, and because of its internal gear design and material optimization. Miniature planetary motors usually have a long service life. This design is very suitable for door locks, which require protection and a long service life.

Summary For Planetary Motor:

▶️High Torque: Due to the design of their internal gears, miniature planetary motors typically have high torque and can generate a lot of force in a small size.
▶️High precision: The gears inside the plastic planetary gearbox have high precision, which can achieve high speed and position control, and are suitable for applications that require high-precision motion control.
▶️Low Noise: Due to the special nature of the gear design, high speed planetary gear motor manufacturers generally produce less noise than other types of motors and are suitable for applications requiring low noise operation.
▶️Long life: Due to the design and material optimization of its internal gears, dc micro planetary gearmotors usually have a long service life.
▶️Small size: Micro planetary gear motor are usually very small and are suitable for applications that require a miniaturized design.

Vacation Mode & Silent Mode

Improves the taste of furniture and guards your family’s security. When you go on holiday, enable the vacation mode, the fingerprints and user codes will be invalid. Unlocking with thumb turn from inside will also sound alerts. Always protect your home secure.



Ultimate Guide To 6mm Planetary Motors Datasheet: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Motor Model NFP-609-5.14-0675
L1 (Motor Body + Gearbox) 15.1mm
L2 (Motor Body) 9.3mm
Shaft Diameter 2.0mm; D-section=1.5mm
Shaft Length 2.7mm
Total Weight 1.6g
Motor Voltage Range 2.5-5.0V
Motor Rated Voltage 3.0V
Motor Speed (Approx) 33,000 rpm
Gearbox Number Of Layers 1
Gearbox Gear Ratio 1:5.14
No-load Voltage 3.0V
No-load Speed 6,420 rpm
No-load Current (Approx) 60mA
Output Max Torque (Approx)


Maximize Your Product’s Performance With Top-Quality Planetary Gearbox Motor


6 reviews for 6mm Micro DC Gear Motor - 15mm Type Model NFP-609-5.14-0675 Standard Shaft

  1. Gino Palladini

    6mm gear motor 3V tested under the overall good quality, low noise, high torque. Professional communication and project support. Manufacturing and delivery as stated. Great service again with super fast express shipping. I will order again from them!

  2. Eric Burgess

    The precision and smooth operation of the micro 6mm planetary gearbox motor are outstanding. It provides precise control and consistent speed, making it perfect for our new applications that require accurate and reliable motor performance.👏

  3. Javin Paryani

    6mm motors are accurate, and indicators have always met the requirements of the application. Useful, and its low-noise feature really helps.

  4. Paul Krueger

    I introduced planetary gear motors through my friend, and the little motors arrived within five days. When I have doubts, the store does not mean to be impatient at all. I believe it will be a good start. After the test is completed, I will apply our company for bulk order.

  5. Hasegawa Shin

    This is the 3rd time I buy mini dc gear motors, the first one it’s still working great. I have more and more applications so I often buy it to try. Motor connected right up where old one was and started running when electricity applied! It has great soldered leads. The price is worth it…Really recommend it.

  6. Ellen Barnard

    After using this 6mm planetary gear motor, the installation size is appropriate, the noise is lower than the previous one, and the speed is faster.

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