Reliable NFP-1812-N20-CE Gear Motor Ideal for Robotics

UplinkRobotics Marten MK2 Pro Features:
Empowers home inspectors to thoroughly evaluate inaccessible areas(Home Inspectors).
Facilitates rapid evaluation and navigation of disaster zones for first responders(First Responders).
Assists pipe inspectors in accurately assessing pipeline integrity without direct human entry(Engineering Firms).
Equips engineering firms with tools for comprehensive site surveys and infrastructure inspections(Pipe Inspectors).

Miniature gear motor NFP-1812-N20-CE integration into robotic systems:
Compact gearbox motor, without adding unnecessary bulk, optimizing space utilization for enhanced efficiency.
Reliability guarantees consistent performance, reducing the likelihood of downtime or malfunctions during critical operations.
With precise control and durable construction, making it the ideal choice for robotics enthusiasts and professionals alike.



Enhance Your Robot’s Performance with NFP-1812-N20-CE Gearbox Motor

  • High-Performance Gear Design: N20 gearmotor features an advanced gear design that provides efficient and stable performance, delivering reliable power output whether at low or high voltages.
  • Multi-Voltage Compatibility: Designed for use with 3V, 6V, and 12V voltages, making it versatile for various power configurations, from small batteries to larger power supplies, offering users greater flexibility.
  • Compact Design: With its small design and lightweight, n20 series gear dc motor used for robotics, model vehicles, power tools, smart car, and home automation devices.
  • High Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes, n20 reduction motor boasts outstanding durability and long-term stability, capable of operating in various harsh environments without easily succumbing to damage.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with convenient mounting interfaces, it is easy to install and integrate into various projects. Additionally, it features simple control interfaces, allowing users to easily control the motor’s operation.



Motor Stall Protection Prevents UplinkRobotics Marten MK2 Pro Better

Each of the four wheels is powered by its own independent motor, ensuring unparalleled traction and control. Don’t let rough terrain hold you back – with our precision gear motor, will breeze through dirt and mud.

Imagine this scenario: your robot is in the midst of a crucial task when suddenly, its motor becomes wrapped up in wires, causing it to stall. In a traditional setup, this could lead to overheating and irreversible damage to the motor.

At the heart of our precise gear motor lies a robust overheating protection mechanism. Designed to prevent motor burnout, this feature safeguards against overheating, ensuring consistent performance even under demanding conditions, this ensures the longevity of your motor. Whether you’re building a prototype, crafting a competition-ready robot, or enhancing your educational robotics program, we believe our motors are your trusted companions on the path to success. Contact Now→



Versatile Motion Control: N20 Gearhead Motor, 3RPM-381RPM Options

【Ranging from 3RPM to 381RPM no load speed, ensures efficient operation】

【No load current of 10mA to 30mA guarantees optimal energy consumption】

【One of first point to consider is motor dimension, surdy 3mm shaft diameter and 7.5mm shaft length】

【Rated load power of 0.36W to 1.02W, you can trust this motor to deliver consistent and efficient performance under any load condition】

【Need versatility? No problem! This gear motor offers both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) rotation options, giving you full control over your applications】

Motor Model NFP-1812-N20-CE
Rated Voltage 3V / 6V / 12V DC
No Load Speed 3RPM – 381RPM
No Load Current 10mA – 30mA
Rated Load Power 0.36W – 1.02W
Shaft Diameter 3mm
Shaft Length 7.5mm
Rotation CW / CCW
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Other High Power Motor With Worm Gearbox

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