24mm-45mm Typical Vibration Motor Applications

Several characteristics of powerful ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) vibration motors👉🏻significant vibration amplitude, wide frequency range, high levels acceleration. Efficient in converting electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy, minimize power loss.

Electric Vibration Motor Application List

▶️ Game controller: In arcade games, slot machines and emulators to enhance user experience.
▶️ Handheld power tools: Such as drills, grinders and sandpaper machines.
▶️ Scientific Instruments: In laboratory equipment, powerful vibration motors are used for sample agitation, mixing and precise positioning.
▶️ Wearable technology: Massage devices, muscle stimulators and wearable health monitors for therapy and feedback. Integrated into fitness trackers to deliver notifications, alerts and feedback on various activities.
▶️ Consumer electronics: Home appliances such as vibrating speakers, headphones, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and tactile audio devices. Used in robotic applications for obstacle detection, navigation, and feedback for robotic arms and grippers. Used for transaction confirmation and user feedback when used with point-of-sale terminal systems.
▶️ In addition, when used as a medical device, it can perform tasks such as sample mixing, medical alarm systems and patient monitoring. Used in conveyor systems, packaging machinery and manufacturing equipment for a variety of purposes including parts separation and material handling. When used in automated gardening and agricultural equipment, they are used for tasks such as seed distribution and soil separation.