6mm Micro DC Gear Motor – 20mm Type Model NFP-609-699-0675 Standard Shaft


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3D Drawing


6mm Mini DC Gear Motor Model NFP609-699-0675 Performance

Motor Model NFP-609-699-0675
L1 (Motor Body + Gearbox) 20.5mm
L2 (Motor Body) 9.3mm
Wire Length 50mm
Shaft Diameter Φ2.0mm; D-section=1.5mm
Shaft Length 2.7mm
Total Weight 1.9g
Motor Voltage Range 2.5-5.0V
Motor Rated Voltage 3.0V
Motor Speed (Approx) 33,000 rpm
Gearbox Number Of Layers 4
Gearbox Gear Ratio 1:699.5
No-Load Voltage 3.0V
No-Load Speed 47 rpm
No-Load Current (Approx) 60mA
Output Max Torque (Approx) 220g.cm


Micro Gear Motor With Encoder Outline Drawing


– Above specifications are subject to change without notice, just for reference and customizable according to requirements.
– Plastic output shaft is better to be used in those conditions need small torque, or of no radial load, or via coupling joint.

PLANETEN-GETRIEBEG700 Gleichstrom-Getriebemotor G700, 700:1
Planeten-Getriebe G700 für Radarantriebe, Seilwinden, etc. ist unser G700 bestens geeignet! Wie auch der G5 verfügt der G700 über eine 1,5 mm Kunststoffwelle. Mit 3 V und einer Untersetzung von 1:699 ist er für seine Größe erstaunlich kräftig. Im stationären Einsatz kann er durch unsere PWM ergänzt werden, um die Drehzahl fein regulieren zu können. Dadurch ist ein sehr gleichmäßig laufender langsamer Antrieb aufkleinstem Raum verfügbar. Dieser extrem kleine Motor mit Mikro-Planetengetriebe eignet sich hervorragend für Modellbau, Elektronik, Bastler usw. Im stationären Einsatz kann er duch eine PWM ergänzt werden, um die Drehzahl fein regulieren zu können. Betriebsspannung: 0,15…5 V-; Drehmoment: 200 g/cm; Drehzahl: 4…40 U/min; Übersetzung: 700:1; Maße Achse (LxØ): 5×1,5 mm; Maße Motor (HxØ): 22,9×6 mm


Technische Daten G700
Spannungsbereich 0.15V- 3V
Drehzahl 4U/min – 40U/min
Durchmesser 6mm
Länge 30mm
Achsdurchmesser 1.5mm


Typical Application:
These 6mm precision gear motors are widely used in electronic rotating mascaras, robotic mechanisms, medical equipments, etc. The gearbox is made of plastic material, RoHS compliant. The gear ratio can be adjusted as per buyers’ requirements

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If customized, what information should you provide?

A: You need to provide the basic specification of the motor, such as: Dimensions, Sizes Applications, Voltage, Speed and Torque. It’s better to offer application prototype drawings to us if possible.

Q: What’s your main motors?

A: Diameter 4mm~42mm Dc Micro Motor And Gear Motor, Auto Dc Motor, Electric Motor, Gear Motor, Mini Dc Motor, Brush Dc Motor, Brushless Dc Motor, Spur Gear Motor, Micro Motor, Vibration Motor Etc.

Q: What’s the main application of the micro dc motor?

A: Our mini DC motors are widely used in Home Applications, Office Equipment, Health-Care Application, Sanitation Industry, High-Class Toy, Banking System, Electronic and Electrical Tools, Automation Industry, Bank Equipments, Payment Equipments, Vending Machines, Power Door Lock, Electric Door Lock.

8 reviews for 6mm Micro DC Gear Motor - 20mm Type Model NFP-609-699-0675 Standard Shaft

  1. Aaron Rochholz

    The 6mm plastic planetary gear motor is a fantastic product that is perfect for our small-scale projects. It is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to integrate into the applications.🤗🤗

  2. Carolina Heras Briones

    While I didn’t incorporate micro planetary gearbox into an my son’s SMART Car, I did solder each motor to a 3v battery pack and created “toys” with my students. They worked fine for that particular project. This dc gear motor have a lot of strength.

  3. Susan Chen

    These high torque dc motors are great and at a great price. Will probably be buying more for simple cardboard engineering projects with high-school students. 3V gets you about 220 rpm with enough torque to pull a simple cardboard car with bamboo skewer axles. This does look like the correct item was shipped quickly to me. I have no reason to be dissatisfied. 👍

  4. Ana Oliveira

    Used for stepping motors, tested 6mm planetary gear motors and there is no noise, will buy 10 more.

  5. David wert

    We measured the current and speed of all five 6mm micro gear motors we bought, and the DC 3V 33,000rpm gear motors are working fine. There is no noise in the test results of the gear motors.

  6. Boyan Bonev

    Long-term trust, 6mm gear motor is easy to wire and use, there is no noise, very satisfied with DC planetary gear motor.

  7. Etienne Haenni

    This is a 6mm planetary gear motor with a Gearbox gear ratio of 1:699.5. Fast delivery, firm packaging. After testing, suitable for applications.

  8. Jaditja

    Tested the voltage and rpm of each of the 10 precision gear motors. These small gear motors match the specifications. Very satisfied with the 6mm planetary gear motor. Suitable for the application of DIY remote control model cars.

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