7mm Coin Vibration Motor – 2mm Type Model NFP-C0720


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3V, 15,500RPM Tiny Coin Motor 0720 Series Performance

0720 small vibration motor was designed for devices requiring vibration alerts or haptic feedback. Compact and convenient to use, no external moving part. Because it produces a relatively low vibrational force of 1.10 G, 0720 coin is best suited for use in light weight devices placed directly against the user’s skin. Only 7 mm in diameter, C0720 series is currently the smallest coin motor on the market.

Motor Model NFP-C0720
Motor diameter 7.0mm ± 0.1mm
Motor thickness 2.0mm ± 0.1mm
Rated voltage 3.0V DC
Voltage range 2.7V – 3.3V
Rated vibration speed 10,000rpm min
Rated current 85mA max
Start voltage 2.3V DC max
Rotation CW, CCW
Wire length 50mm
Operating environment -20~60°C
Storage environment -30~70°C


0720 Mini Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

coin also called coin motor , compact and convenient to use, no external moving part. Used in handheld instruments haptic. C0720 Series Coin Vibration Motors for light weight wearable devices. Only 7 mm in diameter, C0720 series is currently the smallest coin motor on the market.



7mm Diameter Coin Motor – 2mm Type With Lead Wire

ERM 0720 may be driven by either DC voltage or a PWM signal. A driver IC is not required but may be used to produce various haptic effects. Custom foam pads, or PSA are available for mass production orders.

We offer a wide range of customisations from simple changes to fully bespoke mechanism design. Contact our engineers to discuss your requirement.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If customized, what information should you provide?

A: You need to provide the basic specification of the motor, such as: Dimensions, Sizes Applications, Voltage, Speed and Torque. It’s better to offer application prototype drawings to us if possible.

Q: What’s your main motors?

A: Diameter 4mm~42mm Dc Micro Motor And Gear Motor, Auto Dc Motor, Electric Motor, Gear Motor, Mini Dc Motor, Brush Dc Motor, Brushless Dc Motor, Spur Gear Motor, Micro Motor, Vibration Motor Etc.

Q: What’s the main application of the micro dc motor?

A: Our mini DC motors are widely used in Home Applications, Office Equipment, Health-Care Application, Sanitation Industry, High-Class Toy, Banking System, Electronic and Electrical Tools, Automation Industry, Bank Equipments, Payment Equipments, Vending Machines, Power Door Lock, Electric Door Lock.

3 reviews for 7mm Coin Vibration Motor - 2mm Type Model NFP-C0720

  1. Anna Pinazo

    Put simply; “utter quality coin vibration motor”. Precise designed, Precise constructed, Precise quality control. I’m an engineer so was able to fully test these units. Tested it at roughly 10,000 rpm and it outputs just over 3vdc so I’m happy with this as using for demonstration.

  2. Riley Harris

    The arrival is really fast. I bought 20 of them with wire length100mm. The wire is very thin, but it does not affect the use at all, and the coin vibration motors quality is guaranteed

  3. Diane Fennell

    I got these in the middle school circuit class and made a brush robot. They all work well, and there is no problem with stripping or leading wires.Recommend to buy the coin vibration motors

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