Brief Introduction Of Cylindrical Vibration Motors

Sarvint Technologies, an Atlanta-based wearables technology company, is set out to save and improve lives through smart garment wearables. They use our coin vibration motors for their wearable device. They integrated and versatile smart garment platform allows them to penetrate multiple markets, including healthcare, civil service, military, and industrial/corporate well-being. Healthcare applications include detecting SIDS in infants, monitoring post-operative heart failure patients at home, and sensing elderly falls.

They are building the world’s most advanced smart garments, starting with the SmartShirt®. The SmartShirt® can monitor and analyze key biometric measurements during your workout to track and improve your performance and help prevent injuries. It’s designed for athletes who need to track their gains and objectively become the best version of themselves. Whether during practice or in-game, the SmartShirt® will provide accurate and actionable insight into your peak performance.

Our coin vibration motors are integrated to this smartshirt for some key function. As we know that the coin vibration motors are a special type of eccentric rotating mass (ERM) vibration motor, see how they work and how to drive them here. The coin motors(NFP-C1020 & NFP-C1027)’ function is to provide the haptic feedback alerting. It gives a vibration feedback for any situations such as healthcare applications include detecting SIDS in infants, monitoring post-operative heart failure patients at home, and sensing elderly falls. The vibrators can give a best feedback of above things. Quite useful for any wearable devices.

If you want to order some vibration motors samples for testing, just click here!

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Human Sensorimotor Control
Small vibro-tactile stimulators (NFP's encapsulated vibration motor) applied on a participant’s neck.

Tactile sleeve for social touch
TaSST (Tactile Sleeve for Social Touch), a touch-sensitive vibrotactile arm sleeve. The TaSST was designed to enable two people to communicate different types of touch over a distance.

TNO Tactile Feedback Glove
The glove is a perfect example of ideas regarding feedback on the hand. The glove is plug-and-play and is connected through the research environment using software API. Coin motors creates vibration feedback to different fingers.

Vibrating Alert For Wearables
Smart wearable devices are a new area that has become popular in recent years. The main application area is smart watches or smart bracelets. When receiving new information or telephone calls, the reminder by vibration is natural and effective.

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