Small N20 Micro Metal Gear Motor Using In Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

N20 motor using in Purell TFX Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser product
N20 gear motor model NFP-JGA12-N20 is applied to the non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser to provide a power drive. N20 motor has high torque, low loss, low speed and a durable metal gearbox. The bottom sensor detects that hand sanitizer is needed to be distributed, triggers the driving motor to work, and uses the transmission device to dispense the hand sanitizer.

TFX is the largest commercial contactless system.
The contact-free dispenser and high-efficiency hand sanitizer help kill bacteria in homes, businesses, and healthcare environments.

Advantages Of N20 Gear Motor:

1. High torque output.
2. Speed reduction, when the output increases torque, the output speed will be reduced.
3. Metal gearbox, sturdy and durable.

Electric DC Motor N20 Mini Gear Motor Gearbox Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-JGA12-N20
Rated Voltage 3V, 6V, 12V
No load speed 5rpm -6,000rpm
No load current 0.01A-0.05A
Output 0.2A-2.4W
Shaft diameter Φ3mm x L10mm
Rotation CW/CCW


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