Small Vibration Motor NFP-EO716M

Cased Vibration Motor Used For Real-Time Group Monitor FireHUD

FireHUD Provides Thermal Safety Wearable Devices For Your Team.
FireHUD provides easy-to-use group intelligent monitoring. It can protect frontline personnel from heat stress and overwork. When encountering danger, it will send a signal to protect your team’s safety. The monitor sends out vibration reminders to prevent danger from occurring. Inside the monitor What is indispensable is encapsulated vibration motor NFP-E0716M. Its function is to feel strong vibration power, waterproof, And predict the danger in advance.

FireHUD is to enhance situational awareness
Firehud is a wearable device that uses remote radio to send key biometric information through a bio track platform, leading to a powerful network gateway. Wearable devices are worn under our arms. PPE and network applications can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices. Wearable devices can also monitor health data in real-time, including heart rate, core body temperature, etc.

Shielded Vibration Motor Model NFP-E0716M Properties

Motor Model: NFP-E0716M
Rated Voltage: 3.7V DC
Start Voltage: 1.0V max
Rated Current: 300mA max
Stall Current: 850mA max
Body Diameter: 7.5mm
Body Length: 24mm ± 0.3mm
Motor Diameter: 7mm
Motor Length: 16.6mm
Ecc. Weight Radius: 2.7mm ± 0.1mm
Ecc. Weight Length: 5.0mm
Rated Speed: 12,000 ± 2,000rpm
Shaft End Play: 0.05mm – 0.3mm
Wire Spec” AWG30 UL1571
Terminal Resistance: 5.6Ω ± 25%
Wire Length: 100mm
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force: 7.9G


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