Small Vibration Motor Used For Next Generation Artificial Limbs

Enclosed Vibration Motor Are Used In The Future Of Prosthetics

What about TrueLimb?
TrueLimb is an existing lightweight imitation arm created with 450 skin tones, imitating a real limb, super lightweight and weighing only 1.5 pounds. When your arm touches an object, the ultra-precise vibration will give you a sense of touch. The prosthesis has a built-in small vibration motor NFP-7C-FS0725.The characteristic of this waterproof vibration motor product is to provide vibration feedback, It also have a long time life.and you can operate without thinking. It is the only equipment company that installs and produces prosthetics. It has the world’s most advanced 3D printing technology, and creates remote scanning evaluation and testing. Allowing you to obtain a personalized prosthetic device that can easily cope with daily life.

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The difference between TrueLimb and traditional prostheses:

  • TrueLimb is more affordable than traditional prosthetics. Empowering amputees with next generation artificial limbs at the lowest cost possible.
  • TrueLimb is light to wear. The fingers can withstand 15 pounds of force. The traditional prosthesis is very heavy and even painful to wear.With the bionic power of the vibration motor touch.
  • With splash-proof and easy-to-clean design, Anti-collision and durable.
  • TrueLimb can be purchased online. No need to go out, saving time.
  • TrueLimb is personalized and comfortable, With 450 skin tones to choose from, which fits your fingers.
  • Empowering amputees with next generation artificial limbs at the lowest cost possible.

Haptic Vibration Motor Model NFP-7C-FS0725 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-7C-FS0725
Capsule Diameter Φ7mm ± 0.02mm
Motor Length 24.5mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Diameter Φ6mm ± 0.03mm
Motor Length 17mm ± 0.3mm
Rotation CW/CCW
Waterproof Level IP67
Ecc. Weight Radius 2.5mm
Ecc. Weight Length 4.0mm
Typical Norm. Amplitude 1.10G


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