Enclosed Vibration Motor Used For General Purpose Handheld Barcode Scanner

The handheld scanners rise above conventional imagers to capture 1D and 2D barcodes in every application and environment, deliver frictionless transactions at every touchpoint – from cashier manned and self-checkout lanes to curbside and in-store pickup. Allow employees to scan multiple barcodes in a single scan.

Encapsulated type vibration motor model NFP-7C-FS0725 is inside it and weld onto the circuit board to offer vibration feedback. Low noisy and compact design feature let this waterproof motor become the first choice for handle scanners. Normally it used for paper and mobile barcode labels、driver’s license parsing available、component track and trace、counterfeit prevention.


Encapsulated Vibration Motor Model NFP-7C-FS0725 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-7C-FS0725
Capsule Diameter Φ7mm ± 0.02mm
Capsule Length 24.5mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Diameter Φ6mm ± 0.03mm
Motor Length 17mm ± 0.3mm
Rotation CW/CCW
Waterproof Level IP67
Ecc. Weight Radius 2.5mm
Ecc. Weight Length 4.0mm
Voltage 3V DC
Load speed 12,000rpm
Detail Specification


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