Small BLDC Gear Motor Apply To Jedsy Glider

24V Brushless gear motor model NFP-JGA25-2430 in a Jessy glider works by using a series of electronic components to control the speed and direction of the motor. When power is applied to motor, the electronic controller sends signals to the motor’s coils, causing them to generate a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent magnets in the motor’s rotor. This interaction creates rotational force, which is transmitted to the gear system and ultimately to the glider’s propeller. Because there are no brushes to wear out or create friction, brushless motors are more efficient and reliable than traditional brushed motors. This makes them an ideal choice for gliders, which require lightweight and efficient power sources to stay aloft for extended periods of time.



What are the advantages of BLDC Motor?

Compare with traditional brushed motors, gear brushless motor is:

  • Higher Efficiency: Micro brushless gearmotors have a higher efficiency due to the absence of brushes and commutators. This means that they require less power to operate and generate less heat, resulting in longer run times and reduced wear and tear.
  • Lower Maintenance: Mini brushless gear motors require less maintenance than brushed motors because they don’t have brushes that wear out over time. This means that they can run for longer periods without needing to be serviced or replaced.
  • Higher Power Density: Small brushless motors have a higher power density than brushed motors, meaning that they can generate more power in a smaller size and weight. This makes them ideal for applications where space and weight are limited.
  • Quieter Operation: Miniature brushless dc motors operate more quietly than brushed dc motors because they don’t have brushes that create friction and noise. This makes them ideal for applications where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.
  • Better Control: 6V-36V brushless motors provide better control over speed and torque because they use electronic controllers to regulate the motor’s operation. This allows for more precise and responsive control, making them ideal for applications that require high accuracy and precision.



DC Brushless Gear Motor Key Features

Model NFP-JGA25-2430
Rated Voltage 12V / 24V DC
Power 6W-7.2W
No-Load Current 0.07A-0.15A
No Load Speed 12rpm-1,360rpm
Start Voltage 5V-6V
Output Shaft Diameter 4mm
Output Shaft Length 10mm
Rotation CW / CCW
Weight 100-110g
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