Why 24V Brushed DC Motors Remain A Popular Choice For Printers

24V electric brush DC motors are a popular choice for OMNIprintinc printers due to their high torque and reliability. Here are a few reasons why:

🖨️1. High torque: Small brushed dc motors provide high torque, which is essential for driving the printer’s paper feed and other mechanical components.

📠2. Cost-effective: Compared to other types of motors, mini brushed motors are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective option for printer manufacturers.

📟3. Easy to control: High Speed brushed motors are easy to control, which is important for precision printing applications. They can be easily speed-controlled and reversed, allowing for precise movement of print heads and paper feed mechanisms.

🎛️4. Long life: Brushed 390 motors have a long life span, making them a reliable choice for printers that require consistent performance over extended periods of time.

📺5. Availability: Brushed mini motors are widely available, making them an easy choice for printer manufacturers who need to source components quickly and efficiently.

78 Kinds 6V 12V 24V Brushed DC Motor Used In Wide Rang Of Applications

  • Power tools: Drills, saws, and sanders due to their high torque and reliability.
  • Robotics: Robotics for their precise control and ability to provide high torque in a small package.
  • Automotive: Power windows, windshield wipers and HVAC systems.
  • Medical devices: Pumps, ventilators, and surgical tools due to their precise control and reliability.
  • Industrial automation: Conveyor systems, packaging machinery and assembly lines.
  • Consumer electronics: Consumer electronics such as cameras, drones and toys for their small size and high torque.
  • HVAC systems: HVAC systems for their ability to provide precise control of air flow and temperature.



Reviews About High Speed DC Motor 3 Series 5 Series 7 Series Brush Motor



390 Brushed DC Electric Motor Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-RC-3910SHP-3315 NFP-RC-3910SA-1483
Voltage Range 18V – 30V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage 24V 24V
No-Load Current 0.45A 0.05A
No-Load Speed 22,500RPM 5,000RPM
Max Efficiency 74.43% 63.35%
Max Efficiency Current 2.991A 0.24A
Max Efficiency Speed 19,558RPM 4,137RPM
Max Efficiency Torque
Stall Current 19.88A 1.15A
Stall torque


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