3V DC Vibration Motor Used In Woojer Vest

The products on Woojer’s website are vibration-feedback devices that have built-in mini vibration motors that vibrate to provide a more immersive and realistic experience. The function of motor is to convert the audio signal into a vibration signal, which can be transmitted to the body, so that the user can experience a more realistic sound and music experience.

Woojer vibration feedback device is a device that can improve the experience of music, games and video through vibration. It uses a built-in low-frequency vibrator to produce vibration effects, and the motor is one of the core components that produce these vibration effects. In Woojer vest or strap , the motor usually on the back or bottom of the equipment. When the device receives an audio signal, motor will generate a corresponding vibration effect according to the frequency and intensity of the signal

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Woojer Vibration Feedback Device is a wearable device that converts audio experience into physical sensation through vibration feedback technology. The device uses many different kinds of motors to produce different vibration effects.

NFP-C1234 vibration motor it can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This way, users can physically feel the audio’s low-frequency effects, such as bass and explosions. Shared passion of providing the most immersive experience possible.

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Strap 3 is built to go with you, so you can feel the intensity of sound no matter where you are. Wear it around your hips, on your chest, or cross-body. Sound never felt better. The wide range of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, allows you to bring more of yourself to the table.

The advantages of vibrating motors in Woojer strap 3 are manifold. First, it can provide a more immersive audio experience. By transforming audio into physical sensations, users can experience music, movies and games more deeply. Second, the vibration motor can improve the user’s attention and reaction speed. Vibration feedback allows users to react and make decisions faster. Finally, vibration dc motor can also improve the user’s body awareness. By constantly feeling and adapting to the vibration feedback, users can improve their body awareness and thus have better control over their bodies.

Choosing The Right Motor for Your Project

Motor Model NFP-C1234 wire length type
Motor Diameter 12.0mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Thickness 3.4mm ± 0.1mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Operating Voltage 2.3V – 4.0V DC
Rated Speed 11,000 ± 2,500rpm
Rated Current 80mA max
Rotation Direction CW (clockwise) or CCW (Contrary clockwise)
Operating Environment -20~+60°C,Ordinary Humidity
Storage Environment -30~+70°C,Ordinary Humidity
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force 1.65G
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To use a Woojer device, you need to connect it to an audio source (such as a mobile phone, computer or game console) and place it on an area of the body (such as the chest or waist). Then, you can adjust the effect of the device by adjusting the volume and vibration intensity to get the best music, game or movie experience.

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In addition to mini vibration motors used in Woojer devices, there are other types of motors that can also be used in vibration feedback devices. For example, linear motors can produce more intense and precise vibrations, while rotary motors can produce more complex vibrations. Different types of motors can be used in different application scenarios to provide richer and more diverse vibration feedback effects.



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