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Medium Small Vibration Motor Applications

Small size allows for easy integration into various devices & equipments, minimizing energy consumption. Low noise ensures a quieter experience. Precise control over vibration intensity and frequency. Withstand continuous operation and provide consistent performance over extended periods.



Expert Engineers / 93+ Vibrators Off-the-shelf Sampling

Numerous ways to generate vibrations in various applications. We offer a comprehensive range of vibration and haptic technologies to assist you in selecting the most suitable solution.

We have a wide selection of off-the-shelf vibrators with different winding configurations available for sampling or purchase, ensuring a quick development process for you.

Customized and integrated

For requiring custom features or specific performance, our team can collaborate with you to design a tailored solution. All types of vibration motors can be customized.

3V-24V Small Vibrating Motor Application List

Some of the main types vibrating motors include: Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) Motors / Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) / Coin Motors / Brushless Motor. Used in applications such as Robotics、 Smartphones、Tablets、Gaming Controllers、Smartwatches、Fitness Trackers、Remote Controls、Cameras、Car Touchscreens、Automotive Seat Vibration Alerts、Massage Therapy/Pain Management/Sensory Stimulation Devices、Industrial Material Handling/Conveying/Sieving/Compacting…