Coin Vibration Motor

Coin vibration motor is an eccentric rotating mass vibration actuator, also known as ERM or pager motor. It is a brush type vibration motor used for tactile feedback and vibration alarms. ERM coin vibration motors have different sizes, Our small coin vibration motors can be customized as your requirements, such as custom lead wire, provide various connectors, FPC or bare touch board to meet your needs.

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Brushless Vibration Motor

The brushless DC motor drive power is provided to the driver IC, and the service life of these brushless DC motors is usually more than 10 times longer than that of the brushed coin motor. Very suitable for use in long-life medical devices or industrial handheld vibration alarm functions. All brushless types can be customized for a wide range of applications.

Linear Vibration Motor

Linear resonant actuator (LRA) vibrating motor (also called linear vibrator).  Linear resonant actuator are different to ERM vibration motors in the way that they work ,service life. Compared with ERM vibration motors, LRA motors have a simpler structure and a longer life. The linear resonant actuator must be driven by an AC signal at the resonant frequency of the device. The price of linear resonant actuators will be more expensive than the price of ERM vibration motors.

ERM Vibration Motor

Cylindrical vibration motors are usually called pager motors. Cylindrical vibration motors belong to the ERM (eccentric rotating mass) type. This coreless vibration motor is probably the most common type, and the eccentric rotating mass is visible on the outside and is not protected. The length of the wire can be customized, the following are the most common types of cylindrical vibration motors.

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Encapsulated Vibration Motor

The encapsulated vibration motor consists of an eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, which is installed in a plastic or metal housing. It adopts a low temperature/pressure plastic overmolding design to prevent liquid intrusion and is waterproof.

Micro Vibration Motor

Usually, the amplitude of these small vibration motors depends on the size and speed of the eccentric rotating mass. Both can be used to connect your own cables or we can provide a variety of connectors. The small vibration motor is equipped with a stainless steel shaft, oil-immersed bearings and precious metal brushes. Micro vibration motor is a good choice.

Strong Vibration Motor

The large vibration motor is also called a powerful vibration motor, a large ERM vibrating motor is used for powerful vibration . Powerful vibration motors can provide ultra-high amplitude. These high-performance powerful vibration motors use high-power, oil-immersed bearings, carbon brushes, etc. Stable performance and strong power. Widely used in electric models, power tools, household appliances, molds, massage machines, etc.

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Toothbrush Sonic Vibration Motor

Here you can find all kinds of planetary DC gear motors, 12v/24v DC type with or without gear reducer, sonic vibration motor with novel design, high frequency and large torque, suitable for low-noise electric toothbrushes, facial cleansers and other products. Micro vibration motor is a good choice.

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