Coin DC Vibrator Installed At SlateSafety Band

SlateSafety wearable armband helps leaders identify and prevent heat stress and overexertion injuries by sending real-time alerts directly to the phone of those that can help. The SlateSafety BAND V2 withstands the toughest environments to provide 24/7 connected worker safety monitoring with minimal setup time—Rugged, Reliable and Easy. The platform maintains connectivity across large buildings and worksites. Alert in real-time when unsafe thresholds are reached while performing tough, hazardous jobs. Set alert thresholds and contacts in minutes. View how your team is doing any time, on any device, at any location in the world. There is no better alerting system to protect your team.

NFP-WS0825 8mm vibration motor in Slatesafety Wearable Devices are often used for vibration alert functions, such as alerting users to receive notifications or warning users of danger. Write code or use API provided by Slatesafety to control vibration pattern and duration of  motor.


What’s The Haptic Feedback?

You are playing your favorite game on your favorite platform. You are driving a car in the game, and as you encounter a sharp turn, you hit your brakes, and start drifting into the curve. While drifting, your joystick is continuously letting you know about it.  This brings you the sensation of a fast car, cutting curves even closer. Now it’s a shooter, every time you pull trigger, your joystick vibrates for just a slight second, and you have a sensation of a gun recoil. Now it’s on for another game, this time it’s a fighter, boxing for example, and any time you deliver a blow, or take a hit, your controller vibrates to let you know what’s going on. These features are pretty awesome, right? But let’s look at them from the perspective of an embedded engineer, and see just how exactly this stuff works.


What you are experiencing is called Haptic feeedback, which is basically a machine communicating with its user by means of vibration patterns. There are two types of haptic feedback: kinesthetic and tactile. To simply explain the difference, let’s take an example. Let’s say you are holding your morning cup of coffee. The muscles, joints, and tendons in your finger constantly send data to your brain about how much did you stretch your fingers, how strong do they need to pull the cup towards your palm, and where exactly the cup is located in your hand. This is kinesthetic feedback, informing you about how much your muscles and joints are used in your activity, and where an object is located. Tactic feedback would be you feeling the temperature of the cup, its surface, the pressure you put on the mug etc. There are numerous ways of how haptic technology has been interfaced to the end user. These include: joysticks, pencils, gloves and much more.

Stop guessing how your team is doing so you can focus on the task at hand. SlateSafety wearable armband will upgrade your team’s PPE by providing alerts for heat stress and overexertion. Sensors measure data including heart rate, core body temperature, exertion and more using real-time and easy to use wearable technology.


Helping the Army Fight Overwork Wearable Technology

Men and women who serve in military forces around the world are no strangers to exhaustion. During training, especially in actual combat, soldiers’ bodies are under tremendous pressure. It is not uncommon for individuals to push themselves to the point of exhaustion or injury. Once the force rate exceeds 90%, they are really in danger of injury. To maintain an effective combat unit, leaders must prevent their teams from becoming overworked. Wearable Technology easily monitors biometrics such as heart rate, body temperature, etc. to calculate exercise level


Maintain proper worker hydration

No matter what type of job you have, you want to perform at your best. When workers are underhydrated, it can impair cognitive performance, mood, and productivity. Knowing how to acclimate your employees to heat is a management control that can help your team operate in a heat environment. Wearable technology can effectively and timely send reminders to replenish energy in time. Maximize worker safety, location tracking, emergency alerts, real-time monitoring, increase productivity and efficiency


Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor Parameters

Brushless flat motor also known as a pancake motor, is a type of electric motor that is designed to be compact and efficient. Unlike traditional motors that use brushes to transfer electrical energy to the rotor, brushless flat motors use electronic commutation to control the rotation of the motor. This results in a more reliable and efficient motor that produces less heat and noise. Brushless flat motors are commonly used in a variety of applications, including robotics, smart phone, medical fingertip sensor, electric tools, drones and aerospace technology. Due to their compact size and high torque output, they are ideal for applications that require precise control and high performance.

Motor Model NFP-WS0825
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Motor Diameter 8mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Thickness 2.5mm ± 0.1mm
Rated Current 80mA max
Rated Speed 15,000 ± 3,000rpm
Start Voltage 2.5V max
Noise ≤ 50dB
Amplitude 1.0G+
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