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Worm gear dc motor is a high-efficiency and high-torque motor type typically used in applications requiring high speed rotation and high loads. On Boatshield vessels, worm dc motors can be used to control the speed and steering of the vessel’s propellers and other moving parts. For example, motors used in Boatshield’s autopilot system control the speed and steering of propellers, enabling autonomous navigation and heading control. In addition, dc gear motors can also be used to control the position and speed of steering gear, pumps and other moving parts of ships. For example, high torque worm motors used in Boatshield’s marine communications equipment can control the position and orientation of antennas, enabling precise communication and navigation functions. In conclusion, multi-functional motor type that can be widely used in marine electronic equipment and solutions to improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of ships.


Because of the worm gear’s unique shape, it can transmit power with minimal friction, which means less energy is wasted as heat. Worm gear motor model NFP-5840-31ZYS-D is commonly used in boat systems to provide smooth and efficient power transmission. The worm gear’s unique shape allows it to rotate the worm wheel with a high degree of precision and control, making it ideal for use in boat systems where precise control is essential.

In a boat system, the worm gear motor is typically used to power the steering system or the propulsion system. When used in the steering system, the motor is connected to the steering wheel and provides the necessary torque to turn the rudder or outboard motor. In the propulsion system, the motor is connected to the boat’s propeller and provides the necessary power to propel the boat through the water.


Boatshield Spotter360′, directly on your front engine or if you want to mount on the side of the railing. You can adjust the angle once you have mounted it on the front engine and if you want to have a canopy on, you simply fold the unit down towards the throw deck with a simple knob that you loosen. A nicely designed arrow that is illuminated by diodes so you can see where you are pointing the sensor when it is dark but also incredibly helpful and when fishing in the early morning. When there are fish, the worm motor in the system senses, You can easily catch fish.

Worm Gear Motor NFP-5840-31ZYS-D Datasheet

Motor Model NFP-5840-31YS-D
Rated Voltage 12V/ 24V DC
Rated Current 0.08A – 0.3A
No-load Speed 5rpm – 470rpm
Efficiency 9.6W – 28.8W
Maximum Torque
Rotation CW/ CCW
Shaft Dimension Dia – 8mm x Length – 15mm
Weight 360g
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